Lake Como

Gravedona is situated on the northwest shore of "Alto Lario", and is one of the gems of Lake Como. It is just 50 kilometers from the city of Como and 40 kilometers from Lugano. Gravedona is an area full of history and natural attractions-there are plenty of leisure activities to meet anyone's needs. Gravedona is one of the most important artistic center of the Lario, both from an artistic and a historical point of view.

Originally pre-Roman, it was once the site of Medieval fortifications, allied with Milan during the 10-year war-the Gallium palace and the baptismal church of Santa Maria del Tiglio testify to its history.

Como Lake is one of the most beautiful Italian lakes. It is situated in a basin surrounded by mountains. The lake offers quite a varied landscape, with colorful scenery and surroundings all year round. The largest town on the southwest coast is Como, with historical monuments and wonderful shops for that special purchase of Italian fashion and the weekly market where you can find everything from designer shoes and bags to pots and pans. The old roman road passing Cernobbio, Menaggio (Golf course) and Isola Comacina (the only island in the lake) leads up to Gravedona and further up into Switzerland and Austria. This road was of great importance to the Romans both for conquering the barbarians and for transport. You can also criss-cross the lake by boat with regular services. In Gravedona there are plenty of recreational activities, including water sports.

The area has a temperate climate, favored by the warm "tramontana" wind descending from the Alps. Being south of the Alps, the area has many days of cloudless weather, especially in winter, whereas in summer thunderstorms, which last a few hours, refresh the air. In the warmer months visitors can visit the many beautiful private villas and parks.